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Pseudo name's Yui(Lourry JayAnne Stylinson sometimes), i'm 19. A devoted directioner. Currently aboard the ships: LarryStylinson, Sterek, Merthur, JohnLock... I love and post about; OneDirection, Teen Wolf, Merlin(BBC), Sherlock(BBC) and Supernatural. If you have amazing blogs of these topics, PLEASE oh PLEASE let me know so I could follow you, Love lots..and yeah i kinda write BTW.. XD

"It means a very much to us a lot." "What Harry said."

“ I’m quite domestic, I like to just stay at home. I do see little rumours on twitter and stuff about fans thinking I’m a robot and I’m not real and I don’t really exist because I don’t really go anywhere but that’s because I’m quite boring when I have time off. I like to stay at home and just relax and do normal things, chill out with my family. Mainly doing a lot of artwork, stuff like that. Write songs and chill out. I’m just a normal 20 year old, I think. I’m just having fun. ”

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kaisoo during 3.6.5

minseok being a greasy sweet boyfriend for a vcr

Harry trying so hard to keep his shit together

 Luhan tried to give his Chocolate to Sehun 


when you accidently read a spoiler